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Donation Request

Cooke's Food Store is proud to support our local community. Every year we take an active part in participation with many wonderful organizations.

We receive an abundance of request and would love to say "yes" to everyone, but unfortunately are limited. Listed below are the criteria for donations.

Donations are considered for Non Profit, Non Political and Non Denominational Organizations and are given in the form of store gift card or product. Organizations must apply 30 days in advance of when they require donation

Sponsorship level donations are available and must be applied for 60 days in advance to allow for ordering and logistical planning. If you would like more information about sponsorship opportunities please contact us.

To Request a Donation for Your Event:

1. Submit a typed request on your organization's letterhead at least 30 days (or 60 days for sponsorship level) prior to the event.

2. The Letter must state:

  • Your Name
  • The name and purpose of your organization and event
  • The date, time and location of your event
  • Your requests
  • Expected participation and how Cooke's Food Store is to be recognized for participation. We would also like to have a follow up on the event pictures, etc.)

3. A copy of your 501cs3 or proof of Non Profit Status

4. Submit your Request to:

  • Subject: Donation/ (name of your event or organization)
  • Or, by fax to:
  • Attn: Donation Coordinator (423) 479-6938

*Incomplete request information will not be considered.

The Donation Board reviews request in order received and will contact you via phone, e-mail or mail within two weeks of receiving the request. A previous donation does not guarantee a donation will be offered again for a specific event or amount. Priority will go to those who have not benefited within the past year. We try to help in every way we can, but it isn't always possible to grant every request.